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Vintage Metal are a unique company, who specialise in modern wooden products whilst moving away from more traditional and standard items. One of Vintage Metal’s core values is equality, and they believe that by making changes to simple household items, equality can be bred through less explicit methods.

Using the highest quality of woods, the materials are ethically sourced ensuring that our customers purchase a product from us which is as naturally and fairly manufactured as is possible. Although we - like any business - have to make a profit in order to continue and develop our business, we believe in fair trade and working environments. As such, we are often happy to jeopardise profit if it means being less exploitative.

A team of carpenters, sales people and generally nice humanitarians, Vintage Metal have over 20 years in the furniture industry, and have chosen to concentrate on modern-wooden furniture, in order to help breed equality all over the world. Although we are happy to jeopardise profit on occasion, we never make cutbacks when it comes to quality, and our results can be reflected within our large customer base, consisting of people within a range of cultures, all over the world.

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